We Hear You.

I love shopping.  Like, really love shopping.  When we go on vacation, the first thing I think about is where am I going to shop? I can’t wait to get to Main Street and check out the boutiques and galleries.  It’s not even about buying something every time, I just love to see what is out there.  

But if I’m being honest, I am really intimated by boutique shopping.  As a forty-something, tall, curvy woman, it can be difficult to find things that match my style and fit my body. 

Have you ever felt this way: there’s a cool boutique that you want to check out but you’re just not sure.  Will there be anything in there for me? Is anything going to fit?  Will it be another one of “those boutiques?” Can I afford anything in there?  Are the salespeople going to hound me?  Will they even acknowledge me?

These are all questions we’ve asked ourselves and we get it.  

MTN GRL speaks to women just like you and me.  Our mission was to create a shop where you would feel comfortable and empowered.  Where you would be encouraged and uplifted in the fitting room (the scariest place on earth, am I right?) and be reminded that you are beautiful, and you are worthy.  

We hand pick styles in sizes 00-18 (with additional sizes available to order) at price points that make sense. Our MTN GRL team is made up women of all ages and walks of life.  We’ve been in your shoes and truly want to help you see yourself for who you are: a beautiful, strong, unique woman who deserves the very best. 

Our first two years have been amazing, and we have been beyond blessed with the most wonderful MTN GRL clients.  We’ve dressed you for first dates, fiftieth dates, anniversaries, weddings, parties, job interviews, holidays, “every days” and our personal favorite, the days where you just want a new look. We’ve cried together, laughed together and celebrated A LOT together. These connections inspire me every day, and I hope that we will be able to share some of these encouraging stories as we build this blog.

This year is going to be fun!  We have a lot in store for you, and I hope that you will continue to plug in.  The online store will be full and updated regularly as new things come in. You will see more of our real life MTN GRLs modeling our looks for you.  We will be hosting monthly events, both in-store and online. And we will be offering new ways to plug in and stay connected.  Oh, and the fashion this year?  It’s going to knock your socks off!

So, to answer our question from above…YES, there is something here for you… and you belong here.

Melissa Donald